Transport Corporation will be equipped with 500 New buses

Transport Corporation, 500 New buses,

PATNA: Transport Corporation will be equipped with 500 New buses. There is a possibility of getting the bus on government’s freight available to people and provide transport service on cheap fares. In relation to taking buses on freight, there is a churn on the proposal in the transport department. In the review of the Transport Department, the transport corporation was told to increase the number of buses.

Transport Corporation, 500 New buses,

Transport Corporation will be equipped with 500 New buses – India Virals |

After this the transport corporation has given a proposal to run the bus by taking buses. These will operate buses under the Rent Agreement. From the maintenance of buses, the agency will be responsible for running. Freight will be collected from the passengers on behalf of the corporation. On the proposal of the corporation, after the churning in the Transport Department, the Chief Secretary will be accepted. After this, the cabinet will have to accept the proposal.

The plan to run five hundred buses is to run five hundred buses from the Association of State Road Transport Undertaking with the Rent Agreement. Under the scheme, the bus owner will provide the driver and the cost of maintenance and repair during the operation of the buses. Just the owner of the bus, the maintenance and replacement of bus tires, along with the replacement of the other part, will be done at their own expense. During the operation of the buses the conductor will bear the expenses other than diesel.

Transport Corporation, 500 New buses,

According to the agreement, the cost per kilometer rental will be done by the corporation by the bus owner. According to the information received, buses are being operated on rent in other states under the Rent Agreement. Official sources said that the proposal is being decided in the department.

The condition of transport corporation is currently in bad shape. Buses are also reduced with the number of employees being reduced. Nearly 110 buses are currently operating in the corporation. Apart from this, there are about 270 buses on PPP mode. The corporation got 356 buses from the Nurum plan.

Transport Corporation, 500 New buses,

These buses are not long distance walkers. The corporation requires long distance buses. In the seventies, the corporation had more than one thousand buses. The number of employees employed in the corporation was more than seven and a half thousand. Corporation collapsed since the eighties.

Transport Corporation will be equipped with 500 New buses – India Virals |

Private bus operators took advantage of it after meeting the government with the permission to run private buses on nationalized routes for 40 kilometers. The effect of closure of the amount of capital contribution received from the State Government from 1993-94 has been affected by the corporation.

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