Pakistan’s sleep fly away with this move of India

Pakistan sleep fly away with this move of India

Pakistan sleep flies away with this move of India: Pakistan has once again expressed its concerns over India’s growing stature. It is worth noting that some time ago, India launched its own submarine with the first nuclear missile. After that India was equipped with nuclear weapons in the three places of the land, water, and air. Meanwhile, Pakistan has made a big statement about India’s INS Arihant submarine.

Pakistan sleep flies away with this move of India –

Explain that India has proved to the whole world that it’s no longer behind any nation in designing, constructing and circulating the submarine. However this week INS Arihant completed his first patrol. After this, Pakistan once again chanted the message of peace. Let’s say that Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Faisal has praised the powers of Islamabad against INS Arihant.

Let’s say that Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Faisal said that this incident is the first deployment of nuclear weapons in South Asia. Which has remained a matter of concern not only for the countries on the Indian Ocean coast but for the international community? Next, to this, he said that the top Indian leadership, who is using the harsh language. He shows the dangers of stability in South Asia. And also raises questions on the responsible move in the field of nuclear in India.

However, in front of him, he warned India to warn that Pakistan is always committed to taking cautious action on nuclear weapons. And any nation should not doubt the powers of Islamabad to deal with the threats arising from all the incidents that happened in the present time. What do you think about the first INS Arihant submarine built in India? And is it right to share your concerns with Pakistan about this submarine? You must tell us in a comment box.

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