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Saturn Defect is Due to Worship of Peepal Tree Power

Peepal Tree Power: When Shani’s Mahadasha is going on on a person, then it is said to be the remedy for worship of Peepal. Many times, the question arises in the mind that the anger of Saturn, the most powerful and cruel planet in the universe, only gets solved by worshiping the Peepal tree.

Peepal Tree Power

Saturn Defect is Due to Worship of Peepal Tree Power

Today we are going to tell you that the mythology related to Saturn and People, which you have rarely ever heard before. According to the Puranas, once a famine in the Treta era fell. In the same era, a Kaushik Muni lived with his children. Due to not feeding the children’s stomach, Muni was going for a roti in other states with his children. Due to not feeding the children’s stomach on the way Muni left a child on the way. The baby had slept under a peepal tree crying at night crying and kept living under the Peepal tree. The fruit of the Peepal tree began to grow bigger and began to do hard penance. One day the sage Narada was going from there. Narad ji got mercy on that child and Narad gave full education to that child and told the law of worship of Lord Vishnu.

Now the child was practicing penance of Lord Vishnu. One day Lord Vishnu came and appealed to the child and Lord Vishnu said that hey boy, I am happy with your penance. You ask for a boon. The child had just demanded devotion and yoga from Lord Vishnu. Now the child had been a great ascetic and yogi under the peepal tree after receiving that boon. One day the boy asked Narad ji that O Lord, this condition of our family has taken place. My father left me because of hunger and nowadays he has said it. Narad ji said son, this is your son Shanimaharaj. Look, this sky is visible in the sky. The boy saw Shaneshcher with a furious view and dropped down that monastery with anger. Because of this Shankarachar’s foot broke down. And Saturn was helpless.

Saturn Defect is Due to Worship of Peepal Tree Power

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Narad ji was very pleased to see this situation of Saturn Narad ji showed this hall of Saturn to all deities. Seeing this situation of Saturn, Brahma ji had also come there and told the child that I am Brahma. You have done very difficult penance. This is the tragedy of your family that Saturn has done. You have won Saturn. You have lived a life of eating Pepal’s fruits. So today your name will be known as Pipalad Rishi. The sins of the seven births that you remember from today will be destroyed.

Peepal Tree Power

After worshiping Peepal today, Saturn will never suffer. Brahma ji told Piyalad Balak that now you set this Saturn in the sky. The child established Saturn in the universe and the Piplad sage took the promise from Saturn that you will never suffer from the Peepal tree worshiped. Shankarachar gave this promise to Brahma ji to the sage Pipalad. From this day it is a tradition that remembers Rishi Pipalad on Saturday and worshiping the Peepal tree; it does not have to do Satya Satya, Saturn’s Dhaiya and Saturn Mahadasha. Saturn’s worship and fast should be done continuously for one year. Saturn is very like Sesame Oil and Seso oil, hence oil should also be donated on Saturdays. Worshiping the wicked also makes him happy.

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